Here are 8 places of Comacchio that you must tag!

If you are passionate about photography and love to capture unique landscapes in your shots, the territory of Comacchio will give you numerous landscapes to take inspiration for splendid artistic photographs.Trepponti – Litterally “Three bridges”Right in the center of Comacchio, stands the most representative monument of the town. This architectural complex is very particular, as it is a bridge un...

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Spend your time at best during a rainy day

The idea to give up a day of sun and sea because of the rain is really difficult to digest. We don't endure wasting moments of beach relaxation. Fortunately, there are lots of really interesting activities that can be done even on rainy days. Turn a boring rainy day into a wonderful day of relaxation and fun by choosing from the activities that we offer below! A visit to the city of Comacchio and...

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Experience the Comacchio Summer Carnival at the Florenz Holiday Village

The Christmas holidays have just ended, you have returned to work and you have resumed the daily routine but with your mind you are already organizing the next summer holidays? You are not alone: we are planning your next summer vacation for you. Do you want to know what idea we thought?There is a magical place, located 50km from Ferrara, on the easternmost part of Emilia Romagna, where anyone who...

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"Carnival on the water" in Comacchio, February 2019

Comacchio, in Emilia Romagna, also called "the little Venice" for its peculiar territorial conformation that overlooks the Po Delta, is that kind of city that has no season. Of course, many tend to visit it in the summer to take advantage of its sea; but tourists are not lacking at other times of the year, as do activities and events. In the period of February / March for example, the small l...

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5 types of people you would not want to meet at the beach

When the holidays arrive we always hope that everything goes well, but there are some people who could ruin your holiday in one of the campsites on the Adriatic Coast  where you will choose to stay. Let's see together what are the people that it is best to avoid as sunumbrella neighbors during our holidays. Always in case you are not lovers of extreme experiences, be clear…The DJThe DJ usually arr...

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Mini & Junior club: the most important aspect of the village!

When a family plans to go on holiday, one of the most  important decision factor is the presence of the miniclub and the junior club. But what are we talking about exactly when we say 'miniclub'?These are educational game contexts where, thanks to the presence of qualified staff, your children can have fun in a protected environment, due to an extensive programme of activities and entertainment fo...

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