5 types of people you would not want to meet at the beach

When the holidays arrive we always hope that everything goes well, but there are some people who could ruin your holiday in one of the campsites on the Adriatic Coast  where you will choose to stay. Let's see together what are the people that it is best to avoid as sunumbrella neighbors during our holidays. Always in case you are not lovers of extreme experiences, be clear…The DJThe DJ usually arr...

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Mini & Junior club: the most important aspect of the village!

When a family plans to go on holiday, one of the most  important decision factor is the presence of the miniclub and the junior club. But what are we talking about exactly when we say 'miniclub'?These are educational game contexts where, thanks to the presence of qualified staff, your children can have fun in a protected environment, due to an extensive programme of activities and entertainment fo...

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The accessible beaches of the Adriatic Coast

True freedom is having the same opportunities.A place that can be used by everyone, without any exclusion, this should be the goal that every owner of a beach activity  should pursue for his own business. Fortunately, this trend is constantly increasing and sees more and more modernization facilities to allow free access to all. Let’s try to understand what a beach must have to avoid architec...

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Ten things to see in Comacchio

Comacchio is a city that is worth discovering at least once in a lifetime. It is located near Ferrara and presents an incredible mix of nature, sea and history, all concentrated in a single territory. For this reason a visit to Comacchio is certainly a must, in all this it is always better to create an itinerary to leave nothing to chance. But for this reason don’t worry, we have already thought a...

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Those who love their pets take them on holiday to Florenz!

Holidays, it is known, are the moment of relaxation par excellence and not only for humans, but also for the animals that accompany every day of our lives. This is why pet owners know how gratifying and beautiful it is to live their holiday in the company of their dog or cat: discovering new horizons, territories, foods and emotions; all this will take on a new meaning if alongside our four-legged...

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Living Comacchio in the camper

Comacchio is a land full of attractions for those who love the sea, history, good food and hiking.For this reason, for those who want to fully grasp the essence of this land suspended between Ferrara and Ravenna, the advice is to live Comacchio in camper.Proud  of its valleys, Comacchio turns out to be a real gem for who wants to join to the waves of the Adriatic sea also a process of continuous d...

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