5 activities to do on the road!


Holidays are the perfect opportunity to indulge in your dream journey or relax in touch with nature in your favorite campsite, stripping away from the stress of everyday life. The best way to achieve well-being is to pass on the activities we often do not have the time to cultivate. Here are some examples of what you can do when traveling.

5 activities to do on the road!

1 Drawing, writing and photographing

Do you know travel diaries? Well, an interesting activity you can do when you are on vacation is to create your personal diary. Drawings, photos, notes, but also tickets of the  places you’ve visited or whatever suggests your  fantasy: everything will help remind you of the most beautiful and exciting moments of the holiday even a long time away.

2 Reading

A good book is always a reliable travel companion, able to entertain you on rainy days or in the evening before sleeping. However, if you want to try some different experience, you should try reading stories and legends set in the place you are visiting, so that you feel an even stronger bond with local territory and culture.

3 Sport

Sporting is definitely one of the favorite activities during holidays (and not only!). You can take advantage of the courses offered by the campsite or nearby facilities, but also run on the beach or go biking on the most hidden roads to explore all the beauties of the area.

If you love sports an interesting opportunity is also the possibility to follow local teams in their competitions. You will meet lots of people and you’ll have a blast!

4 Geocaching

If you enjoy treasure hunts you must definitely try Geocaching. Born in the United States in 2000, this fun pastime lets you explore places that are often unknown. Here's how it works: a user hides a container in a place of his choice and places the GPS coordinates online. The task of the participants is to find this container, register or write a comment on a book inside it and eventually make a photo or exchange one of the objects in the container with one's own. Fun is guaranteed!

5 Origami

Fantasy and good craftmanship are the key ingredients for those who want to test themselves with something original like origami. Turning a piece of paper into beautiful shapes requires a little patience, but once you learn the basic techniques, the results will be extraordinary, and you will also be able to use your creations as nice holiday gifts.

And what activities do you do when you are traveling? Let us know, we are very curious!


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