Camping life: Type of campers


Camping life is much more enjoyable with your camper, so choosing the right one is very important! Here are some useful indications to navigate among the many models. In principle, according to the living cell, you can differentiate camper in the following categories:


It is easy to recognize from its living cell that is separate from the cockpit and the overhang, creating a loft that contains the beds.
Pros: Great price, number of places and small dimensions.
Cons: Lower driveability due to the attic on the drive compartment, which exerts greater aerodynamic resistance to the wind.

Semi-Integrated Camper

The semi-integrated or profiled camper units have a lower height than the other camper. The housing cell is mounted on a cabinet chassis that instead of the attic has a fitting on the cockpit, making the vehicle much more aerodynamic.
Pros: Handy, high performance and low fuel consumption, lower height.
Cons: Reduced number of beds.

Camping life: Type of campers

Integrated Camper

The most loved by experts, integral campers or motorhomes have larger dimensions: housing and driving cells are a single body. Each space is fully exploited in order to create comfort at the highest levels to guests both on the road and in the pitch.
Pro: Comfort, Full Option, Wide Space.
Cons: Very high prices.

Stealth Van

Stealth vans are known for their practicality. Unlike other traveling vehicles, they are independent, agile and can also be used as a car.Worshiped by professionals who are often on a business trip.
Pros: Agility and independence: they avoid having a car and a car in the garage.
Cons: High Prices, Reduced Space.

Which one will you choose? In the pitches of the Holiday Village Florenz there is room for everyone! We are waiting for you.

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