"Carnival on the water" in Comacchio, February 2019


Comacchio, in Emilia Romagna, also called "the little Venice" for its peculiar territorial conformation that overlooks the Po Delta, is that kind of city that has no season. Of course, many tend to visit it in the summer to take advantage of its sea; but tourists are not lacking at other times of the year, as do activities and events. 

In the period of February / March for example, the small lagoon city hosts, annually, its "Carnival on Water": a unique event of its kind, where the wagons are transformed into boats and the streets become the canals of the city. This year will be its ninth edition, with the first carnival on water dating back to 2010, and since then has grown more and more attracting the attention of many tourists but of many local. The long-awaited and colorful parade of allegorical boats will be accompanied in the streets by masked parades, music, dance school performances, entertainment, flea markets, distribution  sweets and hot drinks; and for all children gadgets, confetti and streamers.

The number of boats usually goes up to a maximum of 12 and they are all different, appropriating each one of a different theme; themes that will remain secret until the start of the show when the surprise effect will leave you speechless.

So for two consecutive Sundays these allegorical sea carriages will sail, loaded with figures dressed as characters of any kind, from the monumental bridge of Trepponti: this is the most representative bridge of Comacchio, built in 1638 and located along the ancient navigable canal Pallotta that led at the Adriatic sea.

The boats always follow a well-defined route along the canals along all the main streets of the center. The public meets in the streets, on the bridges and attached to the barriers from the banks of the canals where they can enjoy the passage of allegorical boats between photos, videos and lots of enthusiasm.

A great event that unites both residents and tourists, under the banner of the party, and that shows how Comacchio is a city full of potential even in winter.

The appointment with the magnificent masked party is for Sunday, February 24th and Sunday, March 3rd, with free admission.

Save the date! (In case of bad weather the event will be held on the following Sundays.)

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