How to realize the perfect barbecue


What summer would it be without a fine grilled meat dinner by the sea? It is definitely the ideal time to gather the whole family or friends over good food, but not everyone knows there are some rules to keep in mind for the great success of your barbecue!

First of all, you must consider that you will need some specific authorizations and the right tools to switch on a fire in a green open area. Once you have the permission, you need to remove every single dry leave and the flammable material from the barbecue area and isolate it with stones or some topsoil.

Always remember to pay attention to your face and eyes, perhaps bringing with you a cream to soothe the burns and preparing a watertight container to be used in an emergency, and keep animals and small children away from fire. And now, let's go to the fun part!

Some established chefs recommend the use of braids that, unlike wood, are faster to burn. Abound with various cuts of meat, but never forget the vegetables: zucchini, eggplant and potatoes significantly lighten the load of fat, making a triumph of taste and color! Prefer the use of blades and pliers instead of the fork, to avoid drilling the steaks. One last thing is to brush the meat slightly with an oil wire before placing it on the grate.

For the greener ones, then, cannot miss the sauces: from the barbecue to the mayonnaise, best kept cool until just minutes before putting on the table. To close the meal, we recommend a good portion of fresh fruit or handmade ice cream, to please every palate, from the largest to the youngest!

And when the party is over, let's not forget the rules for a civic coexistence in the campsite: it's good to leave the place clean and tidy, so that other guests can enjoy it in harmony!

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