Lido degli Scacchi: a beach full of history!


The Ferrara beaches are seven in total and their names, from north to south, are: lido di Volano, lido delle Nazioni, lido di Pomposa, lido degli Scacchi, Porto Garibaldi, lido di Pomposa, lido degli Estensi and lido di Spina.

Lido degli Scacchi (literally Beach of Chess), is one of the seven beaches of Comacchio and is located exactly in the middle. It is important to know that every beach is mainly active in a certain area, Lido degli Scacchi is particularly suitable for families .

The name seems to recall an environment that has been the scene of wars and important battles or, in any case, a place that has seen the unfolding of strategic actions. In fact it, but not because it was the scene in itself.

To understand where its history is born, it is necessary to go back in time, to the battle of Polesella, in 1509, which was fought between the Serenissima and the Estensi. The first decided to launch a fluvial attack because the Estensi were expanding very quickly in the territory between the city of Ferrara and the Polesine area.

The battlefield was precisely the river Po and its banks, an area well known by the Duke Alfonso d'Este and for this reason, a place where Ferrar troops could be benefited.

The battle of Polesella did not end well for the Serenissima. In fact, thanks to the military ingenuity of a brave Polesine gunner, Duke Alfonso d'Este succeeded in sinking many enemy boats using multiple weapons, including cannons cleverly placed on the banks. The Polesine artillery, who really made the difference in this decisive battle, was nicknamed "the Chess" knight and, as a gift for his excellent service to the Estense family, he was given a woodland in the place where he now stands the current Lido degli Scacchi. The wood that covered this territory was the Eliceo forest, famous for its vineyards, from which still today the wines of the sands are produced, precious bottles of controlled origin.

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