Lights and colors of Christmas in Comacchio


December, the month of Christmas and its magic atmosphere, offers many opportunities to those who want to visit the beautiful city of Comacchio.Lights and colors reflected in the canals, nativity scenes in churches, in the shopwindows and under the arches of the bridges, traditional and gospel concerts...this year we will not miss anything!

The full program of events will continue until Epiphany, adding an unique touch to your holiday.Among the most anticipated and evocative moments we recommend the representation of the Nativity at Trepponti, with incredible light effects, atmospheric music and a firework show reflected on water.

But if you love the fireworks you cannot miss the traditional Christmas torchlight played by the Ippocampo Sub Group in the Portocanale of Porto Garibaldi and the greeting of the Befana in Comacchio.

Another unmissable appointment, famous and very funny, it’s the march of the Befana, who will compete for the title of most "beautiful" parading through the streets of the city to the sound of improvised drums made with pots, cans and tins.

Below we present the full program of activities:

  • 9-10 and 15-16-17 December, 9 pm, Palazzo Bellini: In SQUERIE, theatrical comedy in the dialect of Comacchio
  • 17-18 December , 10 am-6.30 pm, Manifattura dei Marinati: Supereroi a mattoncini, LEGO bricks exhibit
  • 22 December, 4 pm Church of San Giuseppe, 5 pm Church of Lido degli Estensi, 6 pm Church of Porto Garibaldi: Gospel Concert of Dennis Reed & Gap quartet; 9 pm, Palazzo Bellini: Gospel Concert of Earl Thomas Spiritual and Soul Christmas Project
  • 24 December, 5 pm, Cathedral: Function of the Child, blessing cribs; 16 pm, Trepponti: Comacchio...Un presepe sull’acqua, representing the Nativity
  • 26 December, 10 am-7 pm, Porto Garibaldi: Natale con i tuoi...Santo Stefano con noi, markets and animation; 4.30 pm Concert of Tresigallo Philharmonic; 6.30 pm Torchlight Christmas on the water
  • 5 January, 4 pm, Comacchio: La Tamplà, march of Befane; 8 pm, Volania: La Befana vola a Volanialand, games and gifts for children
  • 6 January, 6 pm, Trepponti: Avan la Vacie, dancing, music and fireworks with the Befana
  • 7 January, 9 pm, Palazzo Bellini: Dicendo vola vola, music show.

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