Spend your time at best during a rainy day


The idea to give up a day of sun and sea because of the rain is really difficult to digest. We don't endure wasting moments of beach relaxation. Fortunately, there are lots of really interesting activities that can be done even on rainy days. Turn a boring rainy day into a wonderful day of relaxation and fun by choosing from the activities that we offer below! 

A visit to the city of Comacchio and its shops

Nothing better than a cool rainy day to visit the inside of Comacchio and its typical shops. You can wander around the center and buy souvenirs to take to relatives and friends on your return, without having to think about it at the last moment! You absolutely can't miss a visit to the Ancient Delta Museum! Inside is an ancient Roman ship, found in 1981 during excavations. Comacchio with its canals is a really suggestive town, especially in the rain!

Give yourself a day at the Welly, our wellness center

If vacation is synonymous with relaxation for you, what could be better than spending a day at the Holiday Village Florenz's wellness center? Complete with heated and covered hot tub, Turkish bath, emotional shower and massage center, our SPA is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing day to hydrate dehydrated skin from long days of sun, sand and salt.

Pomposa Abbey

A visit to the Abbey of Pomposa will allow you to immerse yourself in the artistic and historical culture of the place. This ancient Monastic Center was the birthplace of modern musical writing! Within its walls, in fact, the monk Guido d'Arezzo invented the seven-note musical writing system used throughout the world.

Visit the city of Ferrara 

About 50 minutes from Comacchio we find Ferrara, a Renaissance city full of ancient places to be discovered. Among these we recommend a visit to the Estense Castle which, together with the moat still full of water, preserves the history of the Estense family and the city itself. In addition to the castle, a place of cultural and historical interest is certainly “Palazzo dei Diamanti”. With its unique aesthetics, this museum welcomes wonderful art exhibitions every year. Among the citizens of Ferrara a legend is handed down that tells that, hidden in one of the innumerable diamond points that decorate the external walls, there is a real diamond! There are many other places that you can discover, such as the cathedral in the city center or the beautiful Schifanoia palace!

A trip among the beauties of Ravenna 

In addition to the mentioned Ferrara, another city of art not to be missed is Ravenna! Also it is about 30 minutes away, hides interesting historical places to visit inside. Among the most interesting is the Basilica of San Vitale. Recently entered among the world heritage sites, the basilica is one of the most important Catholic places of worship in the city. Inside it hides ancient colored mosaics. Not to be missed is Dante's Tomb and its "Dante area", an area of respect and silence. The poet spent the last years of his life there and when he died, at the Basilica of San Francesco, his sepulcher was erected, now a national monument. 

If, on the other hand, you do not intend to travel by car, you can still spend a wonderful day simply enjoying the natural beauty of the sea under rainy days, doing activities such as: 

Enjoy the summer rain 

On a hot summer day, staying on the beach and enjoying the smell of rain is magical. Listening to the sound of fresh water drops falling on hot sand is one of the most engaging experiences you can ever experience at sea. If you like, you can also take a dip in the rippling sea of rain. Seeing is believing!

Walk on the Lido degli Estensi avenue 

Among the activities most popular with tourists from Comacchio on rainy days, walking on the central boulevard of Lido degli Estensi is a good way to spend a day in bad weather. There are many shops overlooking the street, ice cream shops, souvenir shops, aperitif bars, restaurants and many other commercial activities. Stop to enjoy a good aperitif in the company of friends or family, exchanging pleasant chats and perhaps already organizing the program for the following day.

Taste the typical dishes of seafood cuisine

A rainy summer day can turn into a wonderful day of fish tasting. Holiday Village Florenz has two restaurants, Monnalisa and Berba, which offer extensive menus based on fish and meat. Book a table for you and your friends and enjoy tasting all the specialties offered by our territory. A glass of wine to accompany a good fish dish and you will soon forget about the bad weather. It looks like a fantastic solution to us. 

Spend the day looking for the perfect location for magnificent photo shoots 

Why not spend a rainy day looking for suggestive locations where you can take wonderful photos? Maybe to share on social media too! Sometimes the landscapes in the rain can be unique. The reflections of monuments in puddles, the splashes of waves on the rocks, a sky with threatening clouds coming from the sea. Why not also make a competition for those who get more likes for a photo taken at sea?

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