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Holiday with children: 5 helpful tips

Children love to play outdoors and to feel free, and there is no better place than a campsite for them to experience an unforgettable summer. Sleeping in tents, living in contact with nature, discover every day something new are all easily achievable dreams for those who decide to spend the holidays with us. And following our advice organize every detail will be even easier! Choose a village nea...

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Types of camping tents: tips and suggestions for the right choice

Spending a holiday in a camping is an experience to live at least once in life, even better if you are staying in a tent in contact with nature. But how to choose the right model?Those who are early in the game can be in trouble, and a practical guide is just what they need.Before discovering the type of tent that best suits your needs, it is important to have a clear understanding of the characte...

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What to bring on campsite: 5 essential items

Camping holidays are always an adventure, but what should you bring to live it best? We have decided to propose you a list of essentials items that every camper must have.1.Waterproof sheetLife in the tent allows you to stay in touch with nature and experience unique feelings, but what happens when it rains? If we do not have a waterproof towel to use as a shelter, the living space will become a p...

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Camping life: Type of campers

Camping life is much more enjoyable with your camper, so choosing the right one is very important! Here are some useful indications to navigate among the many models. In principle, according to the living cell, you can differentiate camper in the following categories:OvercabIt is easy to recognize from its living cell that is separate from the cockpit and the overhang, creating a loft that contain...

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Types of campers

Summer has arrived and you can finally return to the campsite to enjoy your vacation. But what are the types of camper you can meet? Here are a few steps to summarize the main ones.The ultra-organizedFor this type of camper it is important to always be under control and plan his vacation in every detail. He knows all the camping services and always knows where to find anything he needs. Usually th...

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How to realize the perfect barbecue

What summer would it be without a fine grilled meat dinner by the sea? It is definitely the ideal time to gather the whole family or friends over good food, but not everyone knows there are some rules to keep in mind for the great success of your barbecue! First of all, you must consider that you will need some specific authorizations and the right tools to switch on a fire in a green open area...

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