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Eel Festival of Comacchio

Comacchio celebrate the “Queen of the Valleys” with the XVIII edition of the Eel Festival, scheduled from September 23rd to October 9th.An event that every year is growing steadily, thanks to the strong bond with the land and the desire to surprise you with flavors, colors and traditions that never go out of style.During the whole period you will have the chance to taste traditional recipes with e...

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Discovering the Salina of Comacchio and the Red Tower

In our area there are many places of extraordinary and timeless charm, where you can immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of the Po Delta Park. Today we want to bring you to discover the Salina of Comacchio and the enchanting Red Tower, a true symbol of the place.The area of Comacchio is recognized as a supplier of salt in northern Italy since ancient times and many powers have tried to take po...

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Villa Boccaccini and The House with Laughing Windows

On these days at the Manifattura dei Marinati of Comacchio are shown the testimonies of movies on the territory with the exhibition The Park in the Cinema. We let ourself be inspired and we decided to bring you to discover the story of Villa Boccaccini, protagonist of the film by Pupi Avati The House with Laughing Windows.The large villa of the '700, now destroyed, was a few steps from the Romea...

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Castle and Wood of Mesola

If you are planning a trip to discover the beauty and history of our area you should definitely make a stop at the Wood of Mesola and its Castle, the last of Delizie Estensi (UNESCO heritage since 1999).Here, in an atmosphere that seems to come from a past time full of legends, you will meet deer, fallow deer and many others animals that inhabit the forest.The entire forested area was acquired in...

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Ericailcane and Blu, two icons of street art on the walls of Comacchio

The hidden treasures of our land also include curiosity and unexpected artworks like the fascinating murals of Comacchio, of which we want to write today.The street art has been the center of life in the city for years, thanks to initiatives such as the Spinafestival. It was an event dedicated to graffiti, video, installations and all street arts, which took place every year in September. In the...

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Lights and colors of Christmas in Comacchio

December, the month of Christmas and its magic atmosphere, offers many opportunities to those who want to visit the beautiful city of Comacchio.Lights and colors reflected in the canals, nativity scenes in churches, in the shopwindows and under the arches of the bridges, traditional and gospel concerts...this year we will not miss anything!The full program of events will continue until Epiphany, a...

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