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Discovering the Salina of Comacchio and the Red Tower

In our area there are many places of extraordinary and timeless charm, where you can immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of the Po Delta Park. Today we want to bring you to discover the Salina of Comacchio and the enchanting Red Tower, a true symbol of the place.The area of Comacchio is recognized as a supplier of salt in northern Italy since ancient times and many powers have tried to take po...

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Go biking along the right side of the river Po

A journey through nature, art and history: the cycling route that we present today is all that and much more.If you love cycling you will probably have heard of the path Destra Po (right side of river Po), one of the longest cycleways in Europe with its 100 km long connecting Stellata to Gorino.Follow us on a tour on the most interesting places that you can enjoy riding along this famous cycling t...

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How to realize the perfect barbecue

What summer would it be without a fine grilled meat dinner by the sea? It is definitely the ideal time to gather the whole family or friends over good food, but not everyone knows there are some rules to keep in mind for the great success of your barbecue! First of all, you must consider that you will need some specific authorizations and the right tools to switch on a fire in a green open area...

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5 activities to do on the road!

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to indulge in your dream journey or relax in touch with nature in your favorite campsite, stripping away from the stress of everyday life. The best way to achieve well-being is to pass on the activities we often do not have the time to cultivate. Here are some examples of what you can do when traveling. 1 Drawing, writing and photographing Do you know trave...

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Nature and magical atmospheres in the Boscoforte Peninsula

The territory of the Po Delta Park contains many places with extraordinary charm, small jewels of which we are often unaware. Today we want to talk about the naturalistic oasis of the Boscoforte Peninsula, between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna.This extraordinary portion of valley territory extends for about 6 km in the area north of the river Reno, near the village of Sant'Alberto (RA) and...

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Lido degli Scacchi: a beach full of history!

The Ferrara beaches are seven in total and their names, from north to south, are: lido di Volano, lido delle Nazioni, lido di Pomposa, lido degli Scacchi, Porto Garibaldi, lido di Pomposa, lido degli Estensi and lido di Spina.Lido degli Scacchi (literally Beach of Chess), is one of the seven beaches of Comacchio and is located exactly in the middle. It is important to know that every beach is main...

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