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Welcome to Welly wellness centre!

My name is Larissa and this year I will be in charge of the Welly facility!I am a professionally qualified physio and masseuse, specializing also in shiatzu techniques. During my sessions I combine the occidental physio methods based on conventional medicine with the millennial oriental techniques.My personal definition of our Welly facility is Salus per Aquam, which is the Latin for well-being th...

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Go biking along the right side of the river Po

A journey through nature, art and history: the cycling route that we present today is all that and much more.If you love cycling you will probably have heard of the path Destra Po (right side of river Po), one of the longest cycleways in Europe with its 100 km long connecting Stellata to Gorino.Follow us on a tour on the most interesting places that you can enjoy riding along this famous cycling t...

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Discover springtime by boat in Comacchio lagoon

To admire the awakening of nature in all its splendor, it is possible to take part in interesting boat excursions along the inner channels of the lagoon.It will be possible to admire closely a large number of water birds and also the famous colony of pink flamingos, which has always been considered a gem for tourists and more. The flamingos are always appreciated, able to arouse amazement even in...

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Going to the sea make you feel good

Going to the sea is good just for the simple fact that you are on vacation, but if you want to be precise it is not just a matter of detachment from everyday life : our body feels so regenerated every time you can make a jump, also short, on the beach!The answer is to research in the natural  elements found in the seaside resorts: sun, salt water and iodine.It is not a secret that exposing ou...

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Do you love romantic trips? Natural park and sea, that is Comacchio!

Why not choose Comacchio?Located in the middle of the Adriatic Coast, the territory of Comacchio has landscapes of rare beauty that come together in a mix of nature and sea, ideal for those who want to combine relaxing and romantic holidays to the continuous discovery. A sea that for ten years has received the prestigious Blue Flag award, awarded by F.E.E. and destined to places that have known ho...

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The accessible beaches of the Adriatic Coast

True freedom is having the same opportunities.A place that can be used by everyone, without any exclusion, this should be the goal that every owner of a beach activity  should pursue for his own business. Fortunately, this trend is constantly increasing and sees more and more modernization facilities to allow free access to all. Let’s try to understand what a beach must have to avoid architec...

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