The village I would like...


53 years have passed since Mr. Giordano Vitali, together with his wife Palmidina and their children, bought the Camping Florenz. It has been a long road, full of satisfactions, investments and friendships.

There are people who have just met us and others who have joined us every year since 1965 and all have contributed to making Florenz a special place.

This post is to say thank you very much for being with us, to renew the invitation to visit us for a long time and to give you the opportunity to tell us about the village you would like.

Over the course of these fifty years, Florenz has literally transformed itself, moving from the classic campsite with tents and caravans, to a modern village equipped with every comfort. Every year, we try to improve ourselves and we insert news and services, paying close attention to the requests and suggestions that our guests leave us.

"The village I would like" is a collection of suggestions, dreams, goals from those who are the protagonists of the holiday. You can leave a comment below and tell us what you would like to find in the village of your dreams, for you, for your children, for your pets, for your friends ... Unleash your imagination! We are ready to collect wishes to be made!


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