Welcome to Welly wellness centre!


My name is Larissa and this year I will be in charge of the Welly facility!

I am a professionally qualified physio and masseuse, specializing also in shiatzu techniques. During my sessions I combine the occidental physio methods based on conventional medicine with the millennial oriental techniques.

My personal definition of our Welly facility is Salus per Aquam, which is the Latin for well-being through water.>

Water is somehow central in my own learning and professional experience and my methods make great use of water and its undeniable benefits. Take Turkish bath for instance: a thorough therapeutic experience, a Turkish Bath allows a particular and beneficial thermal stratification, 20°C at feet level rising to 40/50°C at head level. The vapour itself fosters perspiration, allowing for optimal detox action. Respecting the traditional Arabic Hammam, the Turkish bath is then followed by a cool-down phase through our emotional shower room and finally by a regenerating infusion drink and a good and peaceful rest.

Benefits of Turkish baths are countless. Just to mention a few, it allows for an unmatchable detox action through the whole body skin, improving blood circulation and reducing muscular strain and fatigue. Turkish bath might also be helpful to alleviate respiratory problems, to regulate blood pressure and to fight insomnia.

I believe that personal care and relax should be at the top of the list while choosing an holiday destination. Being on holiday provides a great opportunity to wipe out all everyday life’s problems and treat oneself with some true pleasure. I would add affordable ;true pleasure, to stimulate you even more!

Finally I do recommend our beauty treatments specifically conceived for the sun-lovers. We provide several programmes tailored to tanned skins, including specific scrubs, to obtain and maintain an healthy tan.

Consult our notice board to find out our latest proposals. You can request a complete informative leaflet on Welly’s activities at the Village’s reception office as well.

To my beloved customers, I look forward to welcoming you in my personal slice of wellness heaven!>


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Alla Jones , 31.08.2016 at 13:17

Turkish bath is fantastic, it relaxed our bodies and unwound our minds- we truly recommend. Along with Larissa's massage, it's a proper holiday. She is warm and experienced lady; she knew what we needed best. Came home full of energy!Alla and JohnUnited Kingdom