What to bring on campsite: 5 essential items


Camping holidays are always an adventure, but what should you bring to live it best? We have decided to propose you a list of essentials items that every camper must have.

1.Waterproof sheet
Life in the tent allows you to stay in touch with nature and experience unique feelings, but what happens when it rains? If we do not have a waterproof towel to use as a shelter, the living space will become a pool. For this reason a waterproof fabric must always be present (even two if we want to protect the floor from moisture).

2. Gas stove and containers
The gas stove is essential for those who do not want to give up coffee in the morning or a pasta dish in good company, to enjoy tin he shade of the pine forest. But where to put the pots and the dishes? Practically plastic containers! It is always advisable to carry them in abundance, because they will also serve to store clothes and keep all objects away from the ground, insects, and water.

What to bring on campsite: 5 essential items

3.Dynamo flashlight
Modern campsites are illuminated along the main trails, but a flashlight is indispensable if you want to stroll at night in the darker areas or on the beach. The dynamo torch is ideal because it can be charged by turning a crank, so you need no electricity.

4.Folding chairs
It seems obvious, but it's important to remember to bring folding chairs to use during meals or to rest after a day of sea. It is not always comfortable to sit on the floor!

5.Repellent against insects
In camping, a place rich in vegetation, it is easy to find mosquitoes and insects ready to ruin the evening. Therefore a good repellent must always be present in the suitcase.

These are our tips. And for you, what is indispensable for a camping holiday? Let us know in the comments!

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