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The small town of Comacchio is rich on its history and traditions. There are a lot of places in town where you savor its ancient past, which bases its roots in Roman and Etruscan. There are three museums that remember and keep alive the memory of what Comacchio represented in past centuries: the Museum of the Roman Ship, where they are placed precisely the items found on Roman ship sank near Delta Po river: the new Museum of Spina located in the old city hospital which contains the remains of the Etruscan necropolis of Spina, and finally the Manufacture of Marinati old room fires for the maintenance, cooking and preservation of the famous eels of Comacchio.

And for fans of contemporary art will be a mandatory stop at the Casa Museo del maestro Remo Brindisi (which is located in Lido di Spina, 4 km from the city center) who has collected over the years a considerable amount of works and placed them in his summer house which is also designed as a work of art.

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