Family with Pets

Family with Pets

To choose a holiday for the animal friends is always a business: between limitations, prohibitions, compromises, such a headache! Forget the problems! At Holiday Village Florenz pets are welcomed and we will do everything to make their holiday even more than the real holiday! All dogs and cats, large and small, can access to the beach bungalows (partially equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and partly completely free). Animals may be always on the side of their masters, in restaurants and in the arena during the shows and animation activities. Inside the village there is an area of sgambamento dog. Also, if you come in spring or autumn you can benefit from special offers and more freedom on the water line. In fact, while in summer the regional ordinance provides the bathing areas animals (except of course the dedicated areas for which special permission is obtained). You can enjoy long walks on the sand in search of the most beautiful and fun swimming sticks together! These are some of the services that Holiday Village Florenz provides its customers with animals: a pet sitting service (on request), an area for cleaning and hygiene of the dog, shop with a wide selection of food and accessories for dogs and cats . Finally, you can benefit from the large green areas that characterize the outskirts of our place and the whole area of the coast comacchiese.


Special Offers


Camper Stop Place E


Special package for week-end!


Eel Festival in Comacchio - Raffaello Mobil Home


2-night stay in Raffaello Comfort mobil home for up to 5 people during Eel Festival in Comacchio


Yes Week-end for 2 persons


2-night stay in Mobil Home for 2 persons