Florenz and Nature

Florenz and Nature

Florenz town is more than just beautiful nature. This town is located inside of Po Delta Park which has been recently included in the prestigious UNESCO MAB program thanks to the unique features of its territory. Comacchio Valleys located only 3 km from the village is the perfect place for long walks, bike tours and canoe trips. Comacchio valleys are the best for the ornithologist because of its varied and abundant birdlife. Precisely for this reason, in May, there is the possibility to be hosted in Comacchio for the international exhibition dedicated to this discipline.

Comacchio coast with its 25 km long, is the place with really beautiful nature especially in less humanized shores of Spina and Flywheel. There is not only water but also the forest in the park! Do you know that in the Great Mesola Forest, easily accessible from the village by car or by bike, there are many species of deers? And plenty of other animals which you do not expect to see on the Adriatic coast. Florenz town is not just a simple place when it comes to ecology: our program of conservation of natural dunes provides an opportunity to admire a very rare form of the landscape for almost 50 years.


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