Jova Beach Party, a big concert on the beach close to Florenz village

Whether you like it or not, the Jova Beach Party is undoubtedly an event considered unmissable, and for many reasons!

First of all because live music is always exciting, an emotion that can not be lived in the same way through a device. Secondly - and here is the most beautiful part - because it is on the beach, with all the suggestions that can give a concert enjoyed on August evening, barefoot on the sand. Third reason: it is unique, unrepeatable and new, a concert comes out of the palaces and stadiums, to give life to a temporary village where the concert becomes ideal for families, just like our beaches in summer, where dancing, sing, bath and even get married!

The Jova Beach Party stops right next to us, on the coast of Lido degli Estensi, next 20 August. It is easy for our guests to attend the event, because the beach where the event will take place is easily accessible by bike or by  foot.

Hurry up and buy your tickets and book your stay!

For information contact our offices at +39 0533 380193