Menlove - Beatles Tribute Band - July 5th 2019

There are people, groups or movements that constitute a watershed between what was before and what happened after their advent. The Beatles are unquestionably to be included in this category because what their music, their lyrics, their attitudes provoked in the social context, even before it was musical, was so disruptive as to affect the lives of millions of young people of all latitudes.

But the 4 baronets of Liverpool also weighed heavily on the music scene, redefining many of the canons of pop music and recording dozens of songs in just 7 years that would be part of the soundtrack of the lives of so many for the 50 years to to come.

They came with their faces like good boys, a sly and mischievous smile, and outperformed the competition, repeating the national and foreign charts repeatedly with songs as simple (in appearance) as they were captivating. And above all different: different sonorities, atmospheres, texts that are more and more complex and refined, the suggestions rich in unimaginable contaminations and experiments never practiced. Those songs were a breath of fresh air in a blocked panorama and left such a conspicuous legacy that even today, fifty years later, their records are listened to not only by mature nostalgics but also by young people, even children.

To make us sing, whistle and dance forty songs, almost all timeless successes like Yellow Submarine, Let it be, Michelle, Come Together, Get Back, will be the MENLOVE that faithfully following the style, clothing, voices and arrangements of FAB FOUR will accompany us on a fantastic journey to relive the myth once again.

You will find MENLOVE at Florenz next 5th July.

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