NeroLaguna, the first Comacchio book festival

Great event in Comacchio for all lovers of literature: from the 28th to 30th of April there will be the first edition of NeroLaguna - Comacchio book festival. The central theme of this new event will be thrillers and noirs, which seem to find the perfect atmosphere in the city's streets and canals.

The ambitious project, under the artistic direction of Marcello Simoni, aims to bring in Comacchio some big names of Italian literature. Among the guests at NeroLaguna there are well known authors as Carlo Lucarelli, Maurizio de Giovanni and Roberta Bruzzone, protagonists of meetings and very interesting insights.

Nero Laguna, the first Comacchio book festival

During all the weekend there will also be meetings with local schools, film screenings and a special exhibition of small and medium publishing in Folegatti Square.

Here is the detailed program:

April 28th

  • 10:30 (Sala polivalente, via Agatopisto, 7)
    MEETING WITH SCHOOLS: Carlo Martigli
  • 17:00 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    COMACCHIO AND THE NOIR: opening of the festival, presents Marcello Simoni
  • 18:30 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    NARRATORS CALIBER: Guido Conti, Carlo Martigli
  • 21:00 (Old Fish Market)
    Film screening
    The Man Who Was not There (directed by the Coen brothers)

April 29th

  • 10:30 (Sala polivalente via Agatopisto, 7)
    MEETING WITH SCHOOLS: Barbara Baraldi
  • 17:00 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    LADIES IN BLACK: Barbara Baraldi, Cristina Marra, Maril├╣ Oliva
  • 18:30 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    MASTERS OF ITALIAN YELLOW: Maurizio de Giovanni, Carlo Lucarelli
  • 21:00 (Vecchia Pescheria)
    Screening of the animated film
    The Book of Life (directed by Jorge Gutierrez)

April 30th

  • 11:00 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    EDITORS ON THE WATER: The editors meet readers
  • 17:00 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    THE MYSTERIES OF HISTORY: Franco Forte, Matteo Strukul
  • 18:30 (Piazzetta Trepponti)
    ON THE SCENE OF THE CRIME: Roberta Bruzzone

Enjoy the reading!