Queenvision - Queen Tribute Band - June 21th 2019

It is undoubtedly their year. Almost 30 years after Freddie Mercury’s death, the most beloved rock band by fans and the most criticized by critics is back. The QUEEN show is not only continuing, but it is reaching its climax dramatically, even among the generations born after the death of Mercury. Certainly the merit is of the film "Bohemian Rapsody", fresh winner of the Oscar, but above all of the music and of the extraordinary human and artistic vitality of the man who embodied his spirit to its extreme consequences. An oversized talent that allowed him a vocal range of four octaves, matched only by his charisma and his exuberance.

Brian May in his epitaph simply called him "Lover of life, singer of songs" to emphasize his extreme attachment to life and his enormous passion for music.

The Rock The Beach 2019 could not have started without paying homage to this phenomenal quartet of artists, which over the course of twenty years has given the music timeless masterpieces. The difficult task is entrusted to the QUEENVISIONS, already hosted in 2017, and to the extraordinary vocal and stage talents of the singer Lele Richiusa that will make the immortal notes of Bohemian Rapsody, We are the Champions, Somebody to Love and of resound on the beach of Holiday Village Florenz all the other great successes of Farrokh's band Bulsara, aka Freddie Mercury. A tight ladder where each song marks a step in the history of music, dress changes and a faithful sound will be the added value to drag the audience to dance and sing the timeless repertoire that brings together at least three generations

Rock The Beach will combine music and good food to be enjoyed on the veranda next to the Monnalisa restaurant stage, a fundraiser in favor of local bodies and associations that deal with pediatric and socio-health care.

We are waiting for you next June 21th to dance together Queen Best Of in front of Monnalisa Restaurant!