Work in Progress - Lucio Dalla Tribute - July 19th 2019

March 4, 1943. A date that entered the history of Italian music and the collective memory, emblematic of Lucio Dalla's personality and eclecticism: his real date of birth used to mask a title too daring for the time. And he was bold indeed. From the jam sessions at the age of 15 with the legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, to the introduction of the “scat” in italian songs, from musical experiments to the political commitment of the early 70s.

Never stopped, never repetitive, never retired on position income, but always in search of new forms, new languages, so much so as to discover an exceptional writer of texts and become a real pavement poet, managing to fresco small stories in a unique way everyday characters on the fringes, as well as the great philosophical drawings linked to the human condition, but using a direct language, sometimes unsettling and visionary.

From "Anna and Marco" to "Futura", from "Com'è profondo il mare" to "Washington", from "L’anno che verrà" to the famous "Caruso", Lucio bequeathed to italian music a heritage of priceless value, not only with the songs but also with his talent scouting skills that allowed him to launch the careers of Ron, Stadio, Luca Carboni and Samuele Bersani.

Unforgettable, then, are the tours around Italy with Gianni Morandi and Francesco De Gregori that gave life to successes such as "Vita", "Banana Republic" and "Ma come fanno i marinai"

To remind us of the greatness of this phenomenal artist will be "Work in Progress Band", who from 2014 bring around Italy a unique and unforgettable show, thanks to the natural physical and vocal resemblance of the leader Valentino Aquilano, combined with the mastery of his traveling companions in re-proposing the lyrics and atmospheres of Maestro Lucio Dalla. The "Work in Progress" will perform on the stage of the Holiday Village Florenz on July 19th at h. 21:30, in a concert of great artistic value in an exceptional setting.