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goldencamping.com - October 12, 2015

Interview with Franco Vitali: one man, one family and one structure are always ready to pamper guests. For fifty years. 
Antonio Mazzucchelli

Between Porto Garibaldi and Lido degli Scacchi on a green area of 80,000 square meters there is now Holiday Village Florenz. The camping Florenz located directly on the beach within Delta Po river has received the valuable awards thanks to the entrepreneurial ability and has continued to be invested by brothers Franco and Arnold Italian in the field of incoming tourism on the open air; it is also regarded as one of the most appreciated national as well as international structures. There was a beautiful sunny day when we met Franco Vitali, so we just decided to have a walk around the streets of Florenz. He told us about the strategy which was created in the 50s and how in 1965 his family could manage it. Franco proudly showed the logo created for celebration 50 years in business.

"We had a goal we worked on till May 9 and each month we came to it closer and closer thanks to the loyalty of our customers - told Franco Vitali - In fact, there is the whole generation of families who come to Holiday Village Florenz since the beginning its existence. Evidently, they like the changes which have been made to both the structure and services year after year. Just think about geothermal energy we heat and chill the 1,000 square meters of indoor environments. In fact, the water flowing in 100 meters deep subsoil has a constant temperature of 18 degrees. Using this feature, it cools the air in summer and in winter the plant is heated to the water temperature. It is a huge energy saving which uses the heat of the earth."

Holiday Village Florenz: 50 years of Success

While we were walking in the shadow of plants, Franco Vitale stopped and started to point on the pine forest in front of us: "Since 1996 we have purchased the property and continued strong investment. Firstly, the area was originally covered with sand and poplars, so that in June when the leaves were falling down there was no shadow. Fifteen years ago we bought a stock of 1,200 pine trees in Tuscany; we lovingly watered them every day and today you can see a beautiful and dense forest which shades all over a year. Beyond the pine forest, before the sea there are sand dunes covered with earth that are the cradle of a grassy meadow. These large dunes are like a barrier against the salty wind blowing from the sea and the pine forest shelter."

We continued walking around Holiday Village Florenz. It was a beautiful late summer day, the beach was crowded and the pitches were almost all occupied. The club was full of people and kids were joyfully playing dividing their time between the activities organized by the animators and the playground. Gladly we continued our interview with the owner to find out even more about the management and what is the most interesting for customers in Florenz: 
"The main organisators are the family, where each activity is carried out by the family or by my sister Maria Vitali and my two grandchildren Barbara and Travagli; the head of Marketing is Jacopo Vitali who is in charge of the internal activities of the hotel. A courageous and not easy but carried out with a huge experience always offering the customers the quality and attention to the details. What I call the aesthetic decoration of the camp is the organization care for the choice of services available to make Florenz as a hotel of the suitable alternatives. Besides, 60% of the guests are Italian, the rest are German, Dutch, Swiss and Austrian. Moreover, we work with the intention to propose the real alternatives of the hotel for those families and people who are looking for a facility with full board. Here, the camp and the hotel live together harmoniously and pitches are full of water loading and unloading the gray ones are very large: the largest is 80 square meters. In addition, to pamper our guests even more, there are 14 bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet for an exclusive usage there is also key. The same care is taken even for those with limited mobility, so as to be honored and recognized at European level".

Christmas is coming and we would like to express our closeness to little Alex and his family, so that's why the local institutions have decided to promote and sponsor an event.

Franco Vitali showed a plaque and added: "On June 6, 2014 Florenz won the European Accessible Tourism Awards as the only Italian resort and accommodation, zero barriers. There are 37 affordable houses for those with mobility problems and are designed for all without discrimination just to provide a good service accessible to 360 degrees. Don't you believe me? Look, for example, the walkway to the beach can also be used by those who have mobility problems, and also there is a place for the stroller, if you want access to the beach without holding a baby in the arms. "

While Franco Vitali was telling us about his entrepreneurial challenge, achievements, the present and the future of Florenz, we remained impressed by his ability to talk and talk. Reveal a great passion in everything he told us, a determining factor for success combined with good business skills. What are the challenges of the future?

"We wanted to identify the logo Comacchio as the only destination which includes 35 kilometers of a coastline with a large self-funded project by the camping and the town of Comacchio. The aim is to spread a single image to avoid fragmentation of the seven individual strands and above all to create an identity of the place. On the other hand, people say they go to Rimini when in fact, they go to Cervia or Bellaria, or one of the resort near the capital. 
But there are other objectives that we are considering as the installation of a photovoltaic plant of 250,000 watts that will allow us to save 30% of costs, hiring a small car like the Smart low for campers who want to move in the surrounding areas and the annual opening. To date, the Florenz is open seven months a year. All year round, even from home as you wish you can listen to RadioFLo, a radio channel with music and its schedule full of events of the hotel which is broadcast every property here and that can be downloaded with an APP on your tablet or smartphone. ""

We arrived at the gates of the Mona Lisa restaurant, a terrace overlooking the sea where you can enjoy by 9 different menus, including meat, fish and typical products of the Emilia region and before leaving we usually ask our guest to tell how they see the market for camping in Italy.

"We Italians are lack of organization, a common synergy. Look beyond the Alps, where the French have 10,000 campgrounds organized in chains. The hotel, for example, invests a lot in marketing and identifies a quality standard. That ensures customers to know that at any camping they will have that level of service. Today the guarantee to have a service standard is not recognized in Italy, and then it does not follow customer loyalty."

Let Franco Vitali do his business commitments, glad we could meet. We are sure, however, that a quality brand was appeared, for some time. It's called Golden Camping. Now our challenge is to make it grow more and more.

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