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Clean energy
New Ferrara- September 11, 2015Yesterday morning there was an installation of the new photovoltaic systems in a recreational center Lido degli Scacchi at Holiday Village Florenz...Lido degli Scacchi....
50-years-of-success - October 12, 2015Interview with Franco Vitali: one man, one family and one structure are always ready to pamper guests. For fifty years. Antonio MazzucchelliBetween Porto Garibaldi... Read more
Florenz - 50 years
20.02.2016 07:34
Carlino- February 14, 2013The entrepreneur Franco Vitali got the Oscar due to his project of the ecotourism and is generally recognized by the Legambiente medal of Lido degli Scacchi.Nowadays the rewa... Read more
A Franco Vitali's Oscar
18.02.2016 15:34
Creating a Paracanoa event that focuses on accessibility, environment and passion for sport: this is the commitment that Holiday Village Florenz, together with Sara Franzini Gabrielli and Canoa Club o... Read more