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Comacchio, Florence
Half a century ago its Vital family adventure has begun in the open airĀ edited by Pietro LicciardiThe camping we deal with is special this time; firstly, because of its 50th anniversary and secondly b...
50-years-of-success - October 12, 2015Interview with Franco Vitali: one man, one family and one structure are always ready to pamper guests. For fifty years.Ā Antonio MazzucchelliBetween Porto Garibaldi... Read more
Florenz - 50 years
20.02.2016 07:34
Carlino- January 26, 20135The 1st stage of the Estense Castle in FerraraFerrara- "THE EXPERIENCE concreted the quality, competitiveness and respect for people and the environment are able to conjugate... Read more
The entrepreneur's Prize
17.02.2016 09:25
New Ferrara - June 13, 2014The life on vacation is totaly improved thanks to the accessible facilities without any barriers. For these reasons, Holiday Village Florenz, one of the member of the consor... Read more
Creating a Paracanoa event that focuses on accessibility, environment and passion for sport: this is the commitment that Holiday Village Florenz, together with Sara Franzini Gabrielli and Canoa Club o... Read more