Wellness Center


The small hot tub that found within the spa is great to enjoy some relaxation alone or in company. Heated and covered and is usable in all seasons. The garden in which the tub is inserted is also great for sunbathing before or after bathing.

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It is an ideal place for cold seasons, a relaxation area consisting of turkish bath. The shower is suitable for all ages...

Our staff is on hand to assist you along the way and advise on treatments and massages to be combined to increase the result!

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Soothing, moisturizing, decontracting, oriental and many others are the treatments that you will find in our spa. Massages can be combined with relaxation program consisting of turkish bath, the shower and hot tub. It is recommended to make the reservation.

Massage against contractures
Massage is performed in a specific body area, in order to relax muscles over toned.
Relaxing massage total body
A relaxing combination of pressure, stroking and lymphatic drainage massages.
"Hammam fragrance" complete treatment
Each treatment can be enjoyed separately
Hair and scalp massage with argan oil
Exfoliating lemon massage
Caritè butter nourishing massage.
Connective cups massage
Oriental technique that releases muscle strains by means of suction cups.
Visage cups massage
Rejuvenating massage that acts on circulatory system and muscles by means of suction cups and premium oils
Lyapko-style massage
A stimulating and harmonizing massage. It's performed by means of mats and rolls with zinc, copper iron, silver and nickel pins.
Perfect for pregnant women and people suffering from neck, shoulder, arm and hand strains due to sedentary work.
Shiatzu Treatment
Oriental technique based on a combination of finger, palm, elbow and knee pressures. It's meant to awake the vital resources of the body.
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